Belgium - new rules for surcharged numbers

During verbal advertising the prefix of 090x numbers must be communicated continuously without separating the four digits. In written advertising the prefix of 090x numbers must be displayed continuously without separating the digits. The 090x prefix must be displayed with a little distance to the rest of the number. The caller rate must be shown per minute or per call incl. VAT easy legibly right next to the 090x number.

The service must be provided in an honest, fair and transparent manner. Holding patterns and unnecessarily prolongation of the communication are prohibited. The customer service of the service provider must provide an email address.


If you require further information on this subject please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you regarding this matter (info(at)

Although this information has been compiled with extraordinary diligence, telequest & Internet Solutions GmbH assumes no liability for their up-to-dateness, completeness and correctness. The customer is in spite of handing out this information obligated to gather all necessary information about the legal and regulatory provisions and the Code of Conduct of the particular country himself.

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