One service number for 38 countries

A UIFN is the international freephone solution for your company. With UIFN, you are accessible worldwide from numerous countries at a uniform number, free of charge, for your customers and employees.

At the moment telequest can offer a UIFN in 38 countries.

A UIFN is composed of a three-digit Country code (CC) for global service application, i.e. 800, followed by an 8 digit Global Subscriber Number (GSN), resulting in an 11-digit fixed format. In addition, the caller has to dial an International Access Code (IAC) prior to the UIFN.

For most countries the IAC is ?00?, that means your company can be reached under the number 00800-xxxxxxxx.

You can find a survey about all countries we offer and the Access Code relating to those countries in our Customer Area for download.

This makes a UIFN the ideal marketing instrument for offering your customer true added value on an international basis. Accessibility via a single number makes international marketing easier and unifies your advertising material.

Please contact our customer service agents to ask for your customized UIFN.

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